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Alice in Wonderland

These variations are for the backdrop in an Alice in Wonderland musical i was asked to paint the scenery for. Although these paintings are still works in progress, the color schemes and composition is yet to be decided upon.

This first one was my original file and most closely resembles a ‘natural’ Color scheme.

Recent Achievements.

I recently obtained Adobe Flash cs4. I installed it the other night and have been struggling with action scripting, thankfully, you tube has got a ton of tutorials for almost everything, so thats been a lot of help. As for the Jericho project, Ive been trying to flesh out the story, and wrote the introduction (about 300 words) To be displayed in scene one. Looking over my notebook at what i thought was a well composed page, for some reason, the words didn’t sound as good as they did while i was writing them. So i sent it to my cousin, who has a way with words, and had him Edit the intro. What he sent back was better than i could have hoped, and so begins our collaboration. Heres what he wrote…

“My father gave me the name Jericho Orious Dreth – for the greater part of my life, it was his only gift. He left my mother and I when I was very young. I resented the man. I thought him a drunkard, a lech, and worst of all, a coward. Six months ago I received news of his death; and a sizable inheritance in my name. They told me he had killed himself. I was not unhappy.

His estate passed on to me, and with it came the enormous tome that was his journal. I was at first apprehensive, having no desire to learn of whatever excuses he made for our abandonment. Time waned my suspicions and nurtured my curiosity. The contents amazed me – inside, I found intermingled amongst seemingly senseless rambling an exceedingly complex collection of charts, diagrams, formulas, and patterns; plans for marvelous (and sometimes terrifying) devices and contraptions.

It was more than I could fathom. The man that for so long I believed was a worthless sop was in actuality a genius without peer. I learned from his writings that he was a member of some kind of scientific fraternity. More troubling, the later entries led me to believe that he was on the cusp of unlocking some great and terrible secret – a truth so damning that it worried his every thought.

His desperation had him on the run, and it was now obvious that whatever he had learned was the cause of his untimely death. Part of me wanted to bury this – to make a new life for myself in the home of what may well have been a madman. Once again, however, curiosity won me over – I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and uncover the mysteries that led to his demise.
I had clues. I had direction. I had courage. What I tragically lacked was understanding.”

So as you can see, He’ll be helping me with as many other scenes as i can get him to participate in. Really outstanding work Cary!

Also, unrelated to the project, I thought i would upload some paintings i did this month. Not totally done but i think id just ruin it if i worked on them any more this week 😛

Jericho: Scene2

The story will be set in the 18th century. While researching the 1700’s, I discovered several intriguing photos and drawings to use in the project. I wanted to see what technology people had access to as well as major scientific and geological discoveries of that era. Apparently Uranus was discovered sometime in the mid 1700’s forever expanding our solar system. While interesting, I have yet to decide whether integrate that into the story.

I also found a lot of pictures of old houses, exterior and interior, to see how people decorated back then and also the difference in dwellings of different classes (peasant, farmer, city-dweller). Using one of the pictures for reference I churned out the second scene of Jericho- his father’s now abandoned house. Jericho begins his search for answers here, thinking it a good place to start…


A while ago a friend of mine proposed an idea to write a children’s book inspired by her new cloud-white kitten, Nimbus. I remember what it was like as a child, reading my own stories, getting carried away by the pictures in books. Excited, I quickly volunteered to make the illustrations.

Somewhere down the line, life got in the way and the project was put on the back burner and never completed. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that i decided to write one of my own. The concept is still in development; the idea keeps evolving.

I’m slowly getting acuainted with adobe flash and am intrigued by the idea of adding an interactive element to my artwork. Because of this, my idea now is not to create a book for children but a spooky, choose-your-own-ending adventure. My goal is to allow readers to discover clues and enrich the plot by clicking on context sensitive areas in the illustrations.

For example, this painting of a ship at sea is the opening scene. After the initial dialog is read, readers will be able to click on the ship for a more detailed description or simply continue on to the next scene.

So Far, the story is like this: A young man named Jericho Orious Dreth Inherits his estranged fathers belongings after his sudden and mysterious death. Included in the inheritance is a journal filled with notes, maps, schematics to strange machines, mathematical formulas and even heretical incantations. After reading the journal, Jericho discovers that his father was a scientist working for a secret organization and that he was on the verge of discovering a terrible truth. To keep him quiet, Jericho’s father was murdered. Now, Jericho takes it upon himself to finish what his father had started, unaware of the horrors that follow in his footsteps.