design, illustration and motion graphics


Kay, so I wanted to post all of my artwork up here a while back but while downloading ‘Repo Men’ from pirate bay i unleashed a particularly nasty Trojan onto my computer. Despite my feverish attempts to get rid of the virus, in the end, i had to re-format and in doing so lost everything. 15gb worth of videos from my trip to Germany a few summers ago, 17 days worth of music, all of my downloaded software, not to mention all of my original artwork files… The list goes on.

Thankfully all the art i was proud enough of to display at the career-day thing at school last semester is safely stored on my flash drive in a power point slide show. I don’t have access to many of the PSDs anymore but at least i can still present the best of last semesters work. (jepegs of which will be up shortly i hope)

Anyway, more importantly, a friend from school asked me if i would make up some art for his bands album cover. Im not getting paid but this is fine with me. Im actually really stoked he asked me since we’ve been out of contact for a while and the album sounds pretty legit. Who knows how many people will see it. Pressures on.

Their band is called The Fundimensionals, and they play jam-tronica. I wasn’t sure what that was before looking it up and was surprised to see a few of my favorite groups were labeled under the same genre. Disco Biscuits being one of them. Check out their Myspace page here.

Fundimensionals on Myspace

I didn’t think of looking them up on Google until after i did the work below but i think it still fits. Being able to listen to them while working is a great source of inspiration and in my opinion helps to link the emotion of the illustration with that of the music.

So before beginning I went online and found some awesome CD cover/tray templates. Free to download and simple to use.  Link here.

My friends requirements are that the cover say ‘FUN’ somewhere and that the artwork be centered around that idea. Sounds good, lots of creative freedom. ;P Deadline is the sept. 20th, im gonna shoot for the 18th.

Heres my sketch.

The idea i went for is like a retro, board-game advertisement. Mom is presenting the kids with a FUN new toy/game/tray of cookies… idk yet. A couple hours and several cigarettes later i had this…

Drop shadows and shading were applied to the happy family which now includes dad peeking his head around to see what all the commotion is about. He is slightly intrigued. The background and skin-tones were added quickly just to get a sense of how it will look at the end. Not sure what will go on the Box. Its too late…err early, to think about it. Sleep now, box later.

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