design, illustration and motion graphics


So as the semester comes to a close and the mad dash to get my projects finished and in on time seems at an end. I must cut my losses and stick to goals i know i can accomplish. Im talking of course about the complexities of actionscripting. Jericho is just about finished, or at least the three scenes that i wanted to do this semester are all linked together in flash, with spiffy animations and transitions. I had high hopes for the preliminary scenes of Jericho but looking back now i see them for what they truly were. Delusions of grandeur.

My quest was to discover how to create an inventory with which items found in the game world could be dragged and then dropped (and then snap) to a grid. Or, an inventory with designated slots. The items would then stay in this inventory until the player called upon them again. This proved to be to complicated to figure out myself, at least for the time i had. So i did my best and presented it to class without the inventory feature and was relieved to find i wasn’t the only one who bit off more than they could chew. Anyway, maybe next semester i’ll go more into flash, but for the time being Action script will have to wait.

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