design, illustration and motion graphics

Jericho: Scene2

The story will be set in the 18th century. While researching the 1700’s, I discovered several intriguing photos and drawings to use in the project. I wanted to see what technology people had access to as well as major scientific and geological discoveries of that era. Apparently Uranus was discovered sometime in the mid 1700’s forever expanding our solar system. While interesting, I have yet to decide whether integrate that into the story.

I also found a lot of pictures of old houses, exterior and interior, to see how people decorated back then and also the difference in dwellings of different classes (peasant, farmer, city-dweller). Using one of the pictures for reference I churned out the second scene of Jericho- his father’s now abandoned house. Jericho begins his search for answers here, thinking it a good place to start…

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